December 24

What is the opposite of bliss?

This blog, like many other blogs I have written in my life, was triggered by a book I am reading. The book I am reading right now is called Krishna: The man and his philosophy by Osho. I don’t believe in religion for sure and was a little skeptical about reading this. But it came up in a conversation with a friend and I liked what he was talking about. I decided to read it and one of the lines that struck me from the book was The word bliss is without an opposite. And I asked myself, what is the opposite of bliss? I couldn’t find an answer. We talk of most feelings in pair: love-hate, joy-sorrow, pleasure-pain but bliss is just bliss.

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August 24

A gateway through time

On those empty green roads
No.. I done think I should call them that
The path of green gently trodden grass
That leads to an unknown place

It is not a path in space perhaps
But more like a gateway into another time
A time where there is no wrong
A soft glow of right all around
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November 6

Change is inevitable, Growth is optional

The last one year has been full of changes. Not just for me but the world around me. Just the magnitude of the things have increased so dramatically. From all-sweeping tsunamis to earth-shattering earthquakes, we have seen them all in the last one year. We have also see uprisings and struggles at the scale we never had before. We are witnessing change all around.

And so it is with me, who has changed too. I look at myself a year ago and there’s almost a mild mischevious grin on my face. I was just very naive maybe or just young. I have grown in this one year. I have experienced alot maybe as much as the 2nd/3rd year of college put together. You might even add the few months at Cisco and still wont be able to match the last 10 months or so.
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September 16


From the window beside the gate
I can see Autumn walking in the sidewalk
The winter follows behind, cautiously
And i wait
As summer walks out my door
Autumn flashes a bright smile
A smile kind yet naughty
And i wait a bit more
And now its autumn which knocks
On the white door
Waiting patiently for its time
Which has finally arrived
Once again she looks at me
Her eyes glancing the mess
Of misery and anger left over,
Soothing me in her silent wind
She whispers in my ear
Be calm and be patient
I will sort your life
And things would be pretty again
And she holds me up in her arms
Soothes me with a song
While she clears away the pain
And roots out the misery
I fall asleep in her arms now
She paints the house happy
And there is hope flowing through the pipes
And then i feel low
I wish she wasnt so good
She comes, she clears
She takes away my pain
And each year passes away in a whirl
And all she does is in vain

From the window beside the gate
I can see Autumn walking in the sidewalk
The winter follows behind, cautiously
And i wait

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May 9

The Other End of Spectrum

Love is perhaps the most criticized emotion by me. I have always rather felt, it to be, a crazy sort of thing. But perhaps love is like a scale, and there are both end of the spectrum. All i see, we see, around us, is one end of the spectrum. The crazy part. The usual Love. The practical love. Nothing wrong about it, or is it? It’s rather not wrong to be practical. But how can one be practical about love. Confusing!  But this blog is not about this end of the spectrum, the one i usually crib about. Its about the other end.
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