August 24

A gateway through time

On those empty green roads
No.. I done think I should call them that
The path of green gently trodden grass
That leads to an unknown place

It is not a path in space perhaps
But more like a gateway into another time
A time where there is no wrong
A soft glow of right all around

I look back at when I was
So much pain, so much darkness
Before I was led to this path
Unknown to myself I wandered here

And like Alice I go right through
And find a place of beauty
Beauty not of form, but of thoughts
All around me like an everlasting soft mist

I used to think of the sins of past life
Now I wonder of all the good I may have done
To come to this stage of life
To find joy in sorrow
To find happiness in anger even

Finally I know that desire wont
Be some place far away, improbable
It would be home, right beside
And walk me on my path to enlightenment

I dont know all there is to know yet
I dont think this path leads to the ultimate truth
But it is a step forward in understanding
That emptiness is not nothingness
It is rather everything there is

Who we are is not outside us
Who we want to be usually ends up so
But the first step on this path
Tells us that looking within
Is where desire is. Where love is.

When you look inside the emptiness within you
You find a world so deeply hidden
You wont realize it is you
The you who should have been

And now I know that morality
Is not what I was told it is
Morality is the desire I found
And morality is to be able to help
others find their own version too.

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