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How Do You Carry On?


Say my name again, speak up
Scream like I do, speak up!
Why have you fallen through
to the other side where it’s dark

Look at these tear drops
Running down my eyes
Falling onto your cheeks
Wont you still not speak

Why have you gone silent
Why wont you carry on?

I feel a hand on my shoulder
As if to restrain
And I break even more

I bend down
try to kiss your face
For now you lie silent
And smiling at the world

Or maybe just to me
Asking as if to carry on

And I try to hold you
As you lie on your bed
And I hear another voice
You cant speak to her anymore

For you have left the living
And must carry on
While she must do so too
But only in her world

Until it’s time
For her to join you

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“How Do You Carry On?”

  1. Avatar January 7th, 2013 at 6:07 pm Tulika Says:

    silence also speak lot
    so carry on 😉

    nice poem 🙂

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