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The World around me


We the humans, you and me
We love to fight, love to kill
We kill for desire, for religion
For money and for revenge

We hate like its our birthright
We hate for love, hate for money
hate for vengeance and hate for purpose
We the people, we love to follow
Like the pied piper led rats to water
We follow every leader, every actor
Every player and Every star

This world is full, full of anger
Full of hate,
Full of pain and war
Full of sorrow and desire
Full of all kinds of people

Yet suddenly you find the unexpected
Someone with kind words and a simple heart
Someone with care in the eye
Someone who’s just nice

And so you question their reason
Their motive to be nice
How could such care be present
In this world around

You question what they have to gain
You wonder how it leads to pain
You wonder if you should refrain
Or accept the world around

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“The World around me”

  1. Avatar January 30th, 2013 at 2:50 pm Tulika Says:

    life = motive

    people come in our life with motive n according to that we assign them tag of relationship ( parents, friends, girl friend, boy friend, sister, brother … n so on)

    n every motive is not related to hurt, pain, revenge n all

    being good , caring is a motive of love

    n questioning about this motive is like a demotivating our self

    love is unconditional

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