October 21

The world without us

I am reading this book right now called The world without us by Alan Weisman. It talks about the world that will be if humans were to somehow miraculously be removed from Earth. And it got me thinking of a poem I wrote about 8-9 years ago that I had titled It will too turn to dust. Sitting here looking at rain and the water around me, I can’t help but think about the world we are making for ourselves.

And one day this too shall turn to dust
Weather down and slowly mix with earth
But long before that day comes
This world will shake and crumble
By our own bombs.

We talk of nothing but war
We crave nothing but fight
We see nothing but me
And we following nothing but rage Continue reading

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February 26

The Costa Rican adventure: Liberia and Del Coco

Recently I had a chance to visit Costa Rica. For those of you who don’t know where it is (like I did a year ago), it is in South America. I would say it is central america reaching out to meet south america. You can almost miss it in Maps between the Mexico at top and Colombia / Brazil below. My trip lasted almost a week and it was a very interesting one indeed. In some ways it was a trip of firsts. It was my first trip to South America. It was my first trip where I wasn’t on a vacation from work. It was my first trip to a volcano. It was my first trip where I drove a car. It was also my first trip where I felt US was cheaper.

I had been meaning to take a vacation since Gayatri had a week off around this time. The idea was to go somewhere where I can use an old Alaska airline credit but still not in USA. We kind of settled down to 2 main choices: Cuba and Costa Rica. Both had their pros / cons but what did it eventually was that Cuba was super booked. It seemed like every hotel was booked due to President Day weekend and flights were crazy expensive. As usual I tried to avoid crowds and ended up booking the tickets to Costa Rica.
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October 13

Bike and Girl: Too good to be true?

It was like all other days. Probably the only thing so special about it, was that it was a Sunday. And a sunday evening for that matter! I was just coming back home, when it started drizzling. The drizzle became a steady rain, moving to heavy rain. And it was raining cats and dogs!

There was not a patch of cloth, left dry on me. And my only protection to the rain, was a helmet, blinding my field of vision. I drove through the perilous rain and by the time i got back to home, i was like leaking water from my clothes. By the time i removed my clothes i had already created a puddle.
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July 3

Game of Wind and Rain

It rained all day, and it rained more
Like it was the final night
The dams were almost struggling
To keep up with the water’s might

And the wind too howled
as if pricked in the heart
There was anguish, perhaps despair
The end wasn’t near, as was the start Continue reading

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