October 21

The world without us

I am reading this book right now called The world without us by Alan Weisman. It talks about the world that will be if humans were to somehow miraculously be removed from Earth. And it got me thinking of a poem I wrote about 8-9 years ago that I had titled It will too turn to dust. Sitting here looking at rain and the water around me, I can’t help but think about the world we are making for ourselves.

And one day this too shall turn to dust
Weather down and slowly mix with earth
But long before that day comes
This world will shake and crumble
By our own bombs.

We talk of nothing but war
We crave nothing but fight
We see nothing but me
And we following nothing but rage

We have so much rage
For words, we will wipe entire cities
Long before nature beats down upon us
The us will no longer survive

Long before nature has a chance
To take revenge for the crimes we commit
Humanity will have been served justice
By hands of self

Before nature beats down upon us
Before the earthquakes level our cities
Before the volcanoes hiss angrily
We would have sealed our own fate

The planes that drop the bombs
The drones that shoot on sight
The humans without humanity
And guns, with their human slaves
Leading us into the fight

What do we fight for?
Why would we decimate millions?
For which god is right?
For which country has the most military might?

This one little rock we have
That we will turn red with blood
Until there is none
And then comes nature’s chance
To heal the rifts we have created
And turn every bit of human sign
Into dust

When there is none left to interfere
In time, nature will find the means
With earthquakes and volcanoes
With rain, ice and storm
With help of sun and moon
To turn the remaining bits of us
Into dust.

And then will we have a chance to redeem
The monstrosities we did
For it is from us, will a new world rise
From our ashes and bodies will life emerge
And maybe then we will be forgotten
But never forgiven for what we have done

For the plastics that will remain
For the species that will not be
For the lands that we made sterile
We will have left a mark
We will not be forgiven
Even when it’s all turned to dust.

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