February 25

Being strong by being Quiet

Every book is an insight into someone’s soul, a lifetime of discovery condensed into an easily digestible format. Yet not all books are created equal. Most books touch you but very few can be termed as profound. One such profound book that I read recently was Quiet: The power of introverts by Susan Cain. It touched something inside me and turned a life knob or something. I see the world very differently after having read this book.

Take a moment and imagine some of the things we do every day: speak up, speak out, push back, write about achievements, advertise our work, evangelize things we believe one. There is a common thread that binds all these behaviors: they are all extrovert behaviors to a certain degree.
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February 26

The Costa Rican adventure: Liberia and Del Coco

Recently I had a chance to visit Costa Rica. For those of you who don’t know where it is (like I did a year ago), it is in South America. I would say it is central america reaching out to meet south america. You can almost miss it in Maps between the Mexico at top and Colombia / Brazil below. My trip lasted almost a week and it was a very interesting one indeed. In some ways it was a trip of firsts. It was my first trip to South America. It was my first trip where I wasn’t on a vacation from work. It was my first trip to a volcano. It was my first trip where I drove a car. It was also my first trip where I felt US was cheaper.

I had been meaning to take a vacation since Gayatri had a week off around this time. The idea was to go somewhere where I can use an old Alaska airline credit but still not in USA. We kind of settled down to 2 main choices: Cuba and Costa Rica. Both had their pros / cons but what did it eventually was that Cuba was super booked. It seemed like every hotel was booked due to President Day weekend and flights were crazy expensive. As usual I tried to avoid crowds and ended up booking the tickets to Costa Rica.
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April 23

The Cycle of Things

Life seems so erratic. It seems like there is a routine. An order, a cycle in things, in almost each way nature manifests itself. The same is with life. We love routine (most of us). We feel comfortable settling into a routine. The same way there is a cycle. A cycle of emotions, a cycle of mood, a cycle of give and take.

The cycle of mood, what’s it about I wonder? I take it to describe myself. There are usually 2 phases in it. The ‘Outgoing’ phase and the ‘Quiet’ phase. They dont exactly fit the literal meaning of the words. In the quiet phase for example, you may talk a lot at times. But inside you feel alone; quiet, not willing to reach out to anyone or anything for support. You are a rebel, and are tired with the wrongs of the world, not wanting to become a part of this routine, just want everything to be silent. There is a lingering sense of pain too. It’s as if, you suffer, and choose to. Because only through this silence, do I understand and prepare for the next phase.

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