September 6

Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds

I was quiet, I once was
Long before the darkness descended
A stream of water I was
Flowing down a small green hill

I was full of life
Of beings alive and not
I gently continued my path down
This little green hill of mine

At times I suffered
The silent abuse of men
Of bits and pieces they hurtled
In dis-regard of life

At other times they came
And plundered the beauty
That lay within
And when they were done
They left with high heads
As if beaming in pride

It was easy to forgive; then
Easier still to cleanse
It wasnt so difficult to replenish
Far difficult to understand
These desires of men
Their principles of life

At first I bore
And later I pleaded
It grew harder to forgive
To cleans, And to replenish

Yet they came each day
More today than before
Attracted to my beauty
Attracted to this bounty

Until the day I lay dead
Till the moment I bled dry
They came in multitudes
Now perhaps to see my carcass
The death they caused; and yet without guilt

I lay there lifeless
Until the throngs died down
I waited for my revenge
Even while I tried to forgive

Earth, though, is loving
A mother like no other
It brought me back from dead
With storms that inspire fear
As if weeping for my life

I grew alive, I grew stronger
Until I was no longer quiet

Forgive them I couldn’t
Revenge was what I wanted
I grew bolder; I grew angrier
Until I was in rage
And then, I was READY!

I moved, I growled
I changed my own path
I followed the course
To abode of men
At my mightiest!

And now they were helpless
These men and their children
Of whom, I had no intention
To spare a single soul

Minutes were all it took
To wipe the slate clean
Where once there were men
Now it was but me

I was done; I was spent
Once again I was dead
But this time, the cause was my own
The path of anger I chose

I was confused now
Of what just happened
Wasn’t this the revenge I longed?
Wasn’t this pleasure I sought?

And then I found a torn page
Of a book long lost
Floating through me
The last moments before it too
would be lost forever

And it had just a single line
Now I am become death
The destroyer of worlds

And, so had I

I silently wept for what was
And no longer would be!

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