December 24

What is the opposite of bliss?

This blog, like many other blogs I have written in my life, was triggered by a book I am reading. The book I am reading right now is called Krishna: The man and his philosophy by Osho. I don’t believe in religion for sure and was a little skeptical about reading this. But it came up in a conversation with a friend and I liked what he was talking about. I decided to read it and one of the lines that struck me from the book was The word bliss is without an opposite. And I asked myself, what is the opposite of bliss? I couldn’t find an answer. We talk of most feelings in pair: love-hate, joy-sorrow, pleasure-pain but bliss is just bliss.

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October 21

The world without us

I am reading this book right now called The world without us by Alan Weisman. It talks about the world that will be if humans were to somehow miraculously be removed from Earth. And it got me thinking of a poem I wrote about 8-9 years ago that I had titled It will too turn to dust. Sitting here looking at rain and the water around me, I can’t help but think about the world we are making for ourselves.

And one day this too shall turn to dust
Weather down and slowly mix with earth
But long before that day comes
This world will shake and crumble
By our own bombs.

We talk of nothing but war
We crave nothing but fight
We see nothing but me
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March 13

Thoughts about time (ideas while meditating)

As I mentioned in some of my blogs from January, I started meditating this year. I had started to not like myself because I was always ready to snap. I had long thought of myself as a cool and composed person but that had started becoming more of a fictional character. So I turned to meditation to channel some of these energies.

Meditation is a fun activity when you don’t rush it or force it. I started meditating regularly and most days tried to do it in a part of my day where I wasn’t time pressed. Once I started to clear my head of the everyday thoughts about work, traffic, food, money, TV, technology etc I got a little more mental room to follow some of the other thoughts that would pop up. Earlier I would have run out of time or energy to even consider such thoughts but I felt more upbeat after starting to meditate.
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January 24

God and Quantum Physics

Its as if a light appeared, just as the darkness seemed to descend. That’s how it feels after reading this book recently. God is not Dead by Amit Goswami. The central theme is God, and Quantum Physics. Doesn’t seem related, right? Well it is and isn’t in a sense.

The reality is that materialism ( love for something physical ), and spiritualism ( love for something beyond matter ) appear to be 2 sides of the same coin. Two opposites that dont seem to meet. It was the same for me. I was split in 2 parts and both had the 2 extremes. One that wanted to go and meditate in Himalayas. The other wanting to be the owner of the biggest corporation in the world. This fight always continued, and sometimes left me exhausted. How do i fit both of them in my life, to create a perfect harmony?

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April 5

God and Religion

I have been reading Coelho, Ayn Rand, Richard Bach. They appear to be very fulfilling spiritually, yet the questions still linger. Questions about God, Our life, Love and what god expects from us? and so on it goes. The fundamental axioms of life are things you have felt and yet don’t know why they are but THEY ARE . My fundamental axiom has been a supernatural power. Something that has been driving me towards my goals.
As Coelho said “When you want something from heart, the Whole Universe conspires in its favour

But still… I havent any answer to the question why we are born? Or why do we live? Or why do we have to exist doing routine things when we have to die one day..and whether we do or not do something , it wont really affect the world.
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March 16

Tendency towards Complexity

One thing common to most of the humanity, is the acceptance of Religion. I cant really say whether i am a devout religious man, but i guess i believe. I would put myself in Spiritual category so to say. But still the concept of God eluded me, until i read it somewhere.

I had this question of how to understand god in currently established frameworks and i got the answer in the book called “Shantaram” by Gregory David Roberts. It is in a sense a account of his life, his escape from prison in Australia and the the entanglement with the mafia in Mumbai ( India ). It was in one of his meeting with the top boss of Mafia, a guy called Abdel Kader Khan in the book, that AKK tells him a philosophy.

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