November 5

How Safe is my city?

It’s been about 3 months since I moved to Tokyo. There are a lot of things that are very different about this city than say Delhi or Seattle for example. There are a few I don’t like but then there are quite a few that are absolutely wonderful. One of the great things about Tokyo is just how safe I feel in general. It’s a feeling that cannot be described because usually it is about lack of certain elements and environments and so our mind struggles to define the lack of something.

There are quite a few anecdote’s I had heard about Tokyo and all of them ring true somehow. You can leave your cellphone on a table at a coffee shop and that is sufficient to reserve the table (and obviously no one will take it). You can forget your cellphone or camera on a train and you will get it back within the hour. You can actually leave your cellphones on a train seat I heard to hold your seat. Continue reading

February 12

In my dreams

In my dreams I fly again
Over the mountains
there’s a patch of green
It reminds me of home
A place that I have only been
In my dreams

I push these thoughts away
The images of a home
I fly again over these dark fields
What am I looking to find?
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July 7

Cosmic Consciousness and Dark Matter

I have been thinking about Cosmic Consciousness a lot lately. I first came across the idea in its simplest form in one of the books by Isaac Asimov. The book was called Foundation’s Edge and it described a planet called Gaia . The special bit about the planet was that it was a collective consciousness. Each living thing on the planet was a part of the same consciousness and hence we could term the planet a single huge conscious entity.

Coming back to my thoughts, I looked at the human history. From living in bunches far apart and not knowing who is where, doing what even a few miles away to this moment where we can in-essence trace any living being and many non-living beings in a matter of microseconds. Information is now available to us across thousands of miles within a few seconds. Communication is the driver of our evolution. Every day technology is helping us communicate faster and better.
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October 23


Black is my favourite color. At least it is right at this moment. Like almost evertyhing about being time dependent, the choices are the same too. This moment i may be so in love with Black and yet the next i would want blue. Its just funny.

Not only is it about time, but it is also situation dependent. When i am video-chatting with someone i would really not want much of black in the frame, like more light. And yet the same black looks awesome at a pub, the dark shades hanging around.
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