February 12

In my dreams

In my dreams I fly again
Over the mountains
there’s a patch of green
It reminds me of home
A place that I have only been
In my dreams

I push these thoughts away
The images of a home
I fly again over these dark fields
What am I looking to find?

For a moment I see it
Then I am blind again
Floating around in this sky
The world left behind

I see the cat vanish
I see the sky turn red
I see the two moons rise up slowly
As I finally drift back to sleep

It is a weird world
I ponder the next morning
This world of images and actions
But is this world any different
The world of actions and images

I drift into the other world again
The only that feels equally real
But only here, I can swim through the skies
Searching for a home
A home where I belong
Or it belongs to me

At last I find it
The soft grass that I can call home
And there I lie down
Forever entrenched in the world of
Two moons

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Posted February 12, 2017 by pranay in category "Poems

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