January 2

The Death of Reason

Is climate change real?

Is the world round?

Did holocaust really happen?

Did we evolve over millions of years?

How do you make sense of this?

Who came up with these numbers?

Have you seen this with your eyes?

How can you explain this opposing evidence? 

Each year we ask these questions

The answers to them known

Yet as we march into this new future

Where even answers are now unknown

The flame of reason

Has stuttered at times

Almost died at other moments

But it has held strong

To guide our way

But as we head into 2017

Reason has run out of its fuel

For light is never an ally

Of people who seek power

And hence the war wages

To bury this flame

For if reason lived on

In our hearts and minds

We would love

And show compassion

But that would bring unity

Something despised

By a small part of humanity

The voice of reason

Is now but a faint echo

The flame of reason

Lays smoldering

The word of reason

Now an obscure language

I haven’t any hope

And yet still I hope

For reason to become

The reason

Of being reasonable

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