September 19

There’s always hope

There’s always hope
It flows through my veins
Rising and subsiding, like waves
But never ever going away

It seems dark, maybe darkest
But dawn is on its way
For I believe in my love
Faint but never gone
It would always stay

I may be mad, but not really bad
Stupid at times but never bitter
And when I make you laugh
It makes more beautiful, my day

I am good with words
It wont let me go astray
And finally when sun would rise
It would mark a new day

And this hope it carries
Seeds of trust, shoots of embrace
And sooner or later you would
find your way
back home

This hope it carries
An emotion I cant convey
But believe me when I say
I would never go away

No matter how bright the lights are
Beside you forever I would be
Never ever going into the path of another ray
And every time you slip, there I would be

Clean starts, new lives is what I hope
this hope will find a way
For there is love and I have hope
And together, soon we would be

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Posted September 19, 2015 by pranay in category "Poems

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