April 22

Fleeting Moments

For a moment if you sit and consider
This world, this grand universe
Where we exist but fleetingly
And yet so much potential in this moment
To change, to create and to destroy

We argue over meaningless issues
We fight over small issues
We crib about unfair life
But we never stop
To consider what can be done
In this fleeting moment of life

For one we can, Love but completely
Not a love for the heck of love
But a love that is the final expression
Of joy, desire and surrender

When you surrender to your emotions
And yet win the battle
For it can be the ultimate expression of selfishness
And yet the final act of selfless-ness

In this world besieged by war over hypothetical territories
In this world of fighting over numbers that exist only electronically
In this world that can provide for anyone who makes an effort
And yet thwarted by those who want power

For a moment I was looking at myself
Outside me, like you would
To look at yourself not as I but him
And to find what does he want
And what does he deserve

For once take a out of body experience
If only for a fleeting moment
And see that you are but a part of what you create
So it doesn’t have to be you or the world
As long as you create something
There is a place for all of us

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