My Real Mind

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The Two Worlds


Did I wake up? Am I asleep?
It’s all so confusing right now

I wash my face, I brush my teeth
And find myself in bed again!
Is this real? Or did I leave that behind?
I can’t make any sense, it’s all a mess
Inside my little head

How do I distinguish between these worlds?
Is she fifty and her spirit fifteen?
Or is she fifteen and 50’s the ghost
Who did I just make love to?

The door is locked, the windows closed
Yet the sheets are wet from the love that’s left behind
Why did she choose me? Choose now?

Reality consists of seeing, but it also needs feeling
By the shore I see her, yet I can’t feel
By my side I feel her, yet she is no where to be seen
What remains are strands of time, broken away

Its the same each night, night after night.
And I cant move further, day after day.
Until there comes that one moment,
somewhere between the day gone by and night to come

I see her floating by, this time I can speak
She just says, time is but a circle
And so are you, but in two worlds
One where you cause me, And one where I cause you

I sleep that night, at peace maybe.
And I wake up too, to a real world.
This time I see her and feel her on the shore, by my side

There is a cost though, the one I pay
To leave a world, forever closed
And Hence I live in this world,
A me that’s half and yet complete

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Well I just decided to try out something fun in life. I have random thoughts, wildly fluctuating like my mood. And in this mess, sometimes i end up writing meaningful stuff. I feel like sharing it with everyone sometimes, and so this Blog was a side-effect of it.

Professionally I am a software engineer. In another life I would like to be a writer. Currently I work for which helps promote laziness by letting you spend more time thinking and less time shopping.

If you like what you read or have similar thoughts, feel free to shoot me an email at pkarnany [at] gmail [dot] com. Who knows, we might have an interesting debate in store!