April 19

When I was first in Love

And today morning, when I saw her smile
It felt like when I was first in love
As if time had reversed itself
And I stood there like that first time

Oh so long we have come
And at times the road seems dark
When the times are tough
And smiles uncertain
Yet all we need is some moments
Like today morning, when I saw you smile
And felt like when I was first in love

There might be anger
There might be love too
All of this hidden by the distance
Which was erased, today when you cared
And I could see that beautiful smile
And my heart beat like that time
When I was first in love

And far away when I am sleeping
And your thoughts watch over me
And still I felt unloved and uncared
Yet all I needed was that one small moment
To push me back into the time
When I first fell in love

And now we cry together
For how stupid we have been
For we could have smiled
When we were broken
And so I would, cherish this day
For you made me feel like I loved again


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    1. By pranay (Post author) on

      Thanks. Its a matter of perspective and pain.


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