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Leave Behind


To leave behind that moment
Of life, and find death
To leave behind that light
of life, and find darkness
To leave behind that taste
of life, and find bitterness

So many things that I left behind
Risking it all for what I already had
And now that I stand here
No risk and nothing left

Whats the reason to walk on
When the path just leads in circles
Whats the reason to see
When all is covered in grey

For some reason I couldnt find anything to write after this

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Well I just decided to try out something fun in life. I have random thoughts, wildly fluctuating like my mood. And in this mess, sometimes i end up writing meaningful stuff. I feel like sharing it with everyone sometimes, and so this Blog was a side-effect of it.

Professionally I am a software engineer. In another life I would like to be a writer. Currently I work for which helps promote laziness by letting you spend more time thinking and less time shopping.

If you like what you read or have similar thoughts, feel free to shoot me an email at pkarnany [at] gmail [dot] com. Who knows, we might have an interesting debate in store!