November 5

How Safe is my city?

It’s been about 3 months since I moved to Tokyo. There are a lot of things that are very different about this city than say Delhi or Seattle for example. There are a few I don’t like but then there are quite a few that are absolutely wonderful. One of the great things about Tokyo is just how safe I feel in general. It’s a feeling that cannot be described because usually it is about lack of certain elements and environments and so our mind struggles to define the lack of something.

There are quite a few anecdote’s I had heard about Tokyo and all of them ring true somehow. You can leave your cellphone on a table at a coffee shop and that is sufficient to reserve the table (and obviously no one will take it). You can forget your cellphone or camera on a train and you will get it back within the hour. You can actually leave your cellphones on a train seat I heard to hold your seat. Continue reading

July 27

Why Tokyo?

Why Tokyo?

This exact line has been the response of me telling people I am leaving Amazon and moving to Tokyo. It has been a very interesting question because no one asked me why Seattle when I left Bangalore. In fact I have been pondering over this quite a bit and I don’t think I have a great answer.

I wonder if part of the question is implicitly asking: Why leave US? And why leave Amazon? If I have to answer the question of why Tokyo, I probably need to answer these questions.
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January 13

Capitalism : A New Value System and way of Life

I watched a documentary related to Ayn Rand a couple of days back. It sort of talked about how her prophecy is coming true. So what exactly did she prophesize? Well she said that if the government starts regulating and starts becoming a socialist state, that would cause the civilization to eventually be ruined. She said that the moral code of man helping his brother at his own expense can never lead to a fruitful result. She said the moral code of “I must work harder to take care of not just me but everyone else in the society just because I am more intelligent then them” would eventually lead to a stagnant and dead world.
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