February 25

Being strong by being Quiet

Every book is an insight into someone’s soul, a lifetime of discovery condensed into an easily digestible format. Yet not all books are created equal. Most books touch you but very few can be termed as profound. One such profound book that I read recently was Quiet: The power of introverts by Susan Cain. It touched something inside me and turned a life knob or something. I see the world very differently after having read this book.

Take a moment and imagine some of the things we do every day: speak up, speak out, push back, write about achievements, advertise our work, evangelize things we believe one. There is a common thread that binds all these behaviors: they are all extrovert behaviors to a certain degree.
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October 13

Walking down a dangerous path, with Ego

The idea of Ego and the byproducts of it have been on my mind for the last few weeks. The concept of Ego is so strongly ingrained in our lives and worlds, in each culture and society perhaps, that it is difficult to look at it objectively. But given the recent events, I felt that it is something I want to think about, explore and write about.

The ego is used to refer to the concept of Self. In most cases, I would consider ego as the separating self. Because the idea of ego is to represent the self that differentiates you from the rest. It defines the I among we. It outlines the uniqueness of each individual. It is how we define our self-worth in most cases.
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March 16

Tendency towards Complexity

One thing common to most of the humanity, is the acceptance of Religion. I cant really say whether i am a devout religious man, but i guess i believe. I would put myself in Spiritual category so to say. But still the concept of God eluded me, until i read it somewhere.

I had this question of how to understand god in currently established frameworks and i got the answer in the book called “Shantaram” by Gregory David Roberts. It is in a sense a account of his life, his escape from prison in Australia and the the entanglement with the mafia in Mumbai ( India ). It was in one of his meeting with the top boss of Mafia, a guy called Abdel Kader Khan in the book, that AKK tells him a philosophy.

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