January 27

Why is everything (stocks, ETF, crypto, asset prices) going up?

Lately, everything I look at is going up. I look at stocks of tech companies in US and they are going up. I look at various stock market exchange indexes and they are going up, both in India and in US at least. Crypto-currencies are going up for the last year or so. And not just up, some of these assets are going up in a crazy fashion, doubling 10x in a year. It was becoming hard for me to even understand what I was doing and made investing even more risky.

For a long period of time, until recently, I used to believe that net result of every transaction is 0. If you are spending money, someone is earning money. So if you make money in the stock market, someone should be losing money. That is what the conventional wisdom in my head said. Continue reading

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March 13

Thoughts about time (ideas while meditating)

As I mentioned in some of my blogs from January, I started meditating this year. I had started to not like myself because I was always ready to snap. I had long thought of myself as a cool and composed person but that had started becoming more of a fictional character. So I turned to meditation to channel some of these energies.

Meditation is a fun activity when you don’t rush it or force it. I started meditating regularly and most days tried to do it in a part of my day where I wasn’t time pressed. Once I started to clear my head of the everyday thoughts about work, traffic, food, money, TV, technology etc I got a little more mental room to follow some of the other thoughts that would pop up. Earlier I would have run out of time or energy to even consider such thoughts but I felt more upbeat after starting to meditate.
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July 7

Cosmic Consciousness and Dark Matter

I have been thinking about Cosmic Consciousness a lot lately. I first came across the idea in its simplest form in one of the books by Isaac Asimov. The book was called Foundation’s Edge and it described a planet called Gaia . The special bit about the planet was that it was a collective consciousness. Each living thing on the planet was a part of the same consciousness and hence we could term the planet a single huge conscious entity.

Coming back to my thoughts, I looked at the human history. From living in bunches far apart and not knowing who is where, doing what even a few miles away to this moment where we can in-essence trace any living being and many non-living beings in a matter of microseconds. Information is now available to us across thousands of miles within a few seconds. Communication is the driver of our evolution. Every day technology is helping us communicate faster and better.
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