January 13

Fear of missing out (FOMO)

Fear of missing out is defined on Wikipedia as “a pervasive apprehension that others might be having rewarding experiences from which one is absent”. This social anxiety is characterized by “a desire to stay continually connected with what others are doing”.

Before I started writing this blog I thought it was just a cultural term that’s become popular but on reading a bit more about it, I realized that is an actual social anxiety and can become a serious threat to psychological stability of people.
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October 13

Walking down a dangerous path, with Ego

The idea of Ego and the byproducts of it have been on my mind for the last few weeks. The concept of Ego is so strongly ingrained in our lives and worlds, in each culture and society perhaps, that it is difficult to look at it objectively. But given the recent events, I felt that it is something I want to think about, explore and write about.

The ego is used to refer to the concept of Self. In most cases, I would consider ego as the separating self. Because the idea of ego is to represent the self that differentiates you from the rest. It defines the I among we. It outlines the uniqueness of each individual. It is how we define our self-worth in most cases.
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August 19

Shadow at Night

I wrote this about a year back and found it recently under some old uncatalogued text files. I still wonder why I never came to put it up.

Its night, a decent one at that
And i am sitting by the water
There’s a shadow under my feet
And its shining bright tonight

There’s a reflection that bubbles up
And slowly dies away
Just when i try to catch it
Playfully it withers from me
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July 23

Long time since I

Its been long time since i wrote. Its also been long time since i felt like writing. Its been even a longer time that i had something to write about. And even longer for some of the things that have happened to me lately. Another thing that has happened after long is that i have felt certain things!

There are the good emotions that i have felt lately. But somehow I have always believed that i have got over anger, hate and jealousy. I mean there was nothing in this world, i felt, that could make me feel this significantly. But then something happened. I came across someone who resembles Wesley Mouch of Atlas Shrugged OR Ellsworth Toohey of The Fountainhead. At the beginning i had no real interest in him, so i was hardly concerned.
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May 26

Money: The root cause of all evil?

I have heard this often and so must have you. Money is the source of all evil. Its funny how we blame money. True it causes a lot of issues. True it creates complexities and chaos. Even more true is that greed exists. Yet i cant help but think of the words ‘to choose between bad and evil’. Its not a easy choice to make but that’s what we have to do.

Just imagine a world without money. It will be a total chaos. There will be no measure of value. How will you measure value? By 2 truckloads of salt or my love of moon! Does that make sense? For without the existence of money nothing that we see today is possible. How will we barter a space shuttle expedition with my sister’s education. How then will the limited resources be allocated for unending needs?

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April 23

The Cycle of Things

Life seems so erratic. It seems like there is a routine. An order, a cycle in things, in almost each way nature manifests itself. The same is with life. We love routine (most of us). We feel comfortable settling into a routine. The same way there is a cycle. A cycle of emotions, a cycle of mood, a cycle of give and take.

The cycle of mood, what’s it about I wonder? I take it to describe myself. There are usually 2 phases in it. The ‘Outgoing’ phase and the ‘Quiet’ phase. They dont exactly fit the literal meaning of the words. In the quiet phase for example, you may talk a lot at times. But inside you feel alone; quiet, not willing to reach out to anyone or anything for support. You are a rebel, and are tired with the wrongs of the world, not wanting to become a part of this routine, just want everything to be silent. There is a lingering sense of pain too. It’s as if, you suffer, and choose to. Because only through this silence, do I understand and prepare for the next phase.

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March 13

The debate on Prostitution

Prostitution is one of the oldest of the professions. Even when there were no Bankers, Engineers, Lawyers, there were prostitutes. Though they were not called so at that time, and in a certain sense it wasn’t a derogatory profession. They were respected and even considered an incarnation of certain goddesses.

In current times, however, with our country growing fast and furious, we don’t have time to think of these issues. Also our current culture and tradition presents Sex Work as a very disgusting thing. And for me personally, I never really thought it existed. Though growing up has made me more aware of things around me, still prostitution appeared something that was non-existent. It was a sort of a myth at least in places I had lived. There were always some places with famous names, but still unknown to me.

Fortunately for me, I came to read a book recently Aids Sutra. It’s been sponsored by Bill & Melinda Gates foundation and has an anthology of stories related to AIDS. When we talk about AIDS, definitely Sex Work comes into the picture. And I was surprised, bordering to being shocked, by the magnitude of the whole problem in India.
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April 13


Society. What is Society?
Wikipedia defines it as, “A society is a group of humans or other organisms of a single species that is delineated by the bounds of cultural identity, social solidarity, functional interdependence. In short, a place where we live by a given set of rules as designed by the group of people of Society.

The first question that pops to my mind is What led to those rules? How were they formed ? Were they just present or thrown from the sky by god? I guess, they were devised by certain persons or a group of people. So this leads to the understanding that Society is governed by nothing but the mindset , the rules, the thinking of certain select people and it is deemed correct for all to follow.

Why? Because it is considered that 90% of the people cannot live on their own. They need someone to lead them, someone they can follow. But we also believe that individual is unique and its possible t!
hat some rules are not possibly correct for him . Yet anyone who goes against society is branded an outcast. Lets take an example
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March 29

Crime and Punishment

Crime is a universal phenomena. Amazingly, it is among the very few things common throughout our history. Even languages were different in history, but crime has remained a benchmark.

Perhaps one of the thing that has changed since ancient times, is what we define as crime. Or specifically the acts which we may term as crime. To call sun as the centre of our solar system was a crime a few hundred years ago. Even thinking certain things could make you a criminal not so long ago. I dont want to talk of crime in general, but in perspective with one criminal act. Killing.

Killing has been regarded a crime since time beginning ( or mankind’s time beginning ). I recently happened to read a book called CRIME and PUNISHMENT by Fyodor Dostovesky. Continue reading

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