November 24

What i learned from How to win friends and influence people.

Before I decided to read this book, I used to laugh at the title and I probably looked down on people who might have read it. I mean who needs to read a book to win friends? What kind of loser would that person be? Well, here I am, one of such Losers. In hindsight, the title of the book is unfortunate but catchy. Maybe had it not been titled such, it would not have sold as much or stood out among people the way it did.

This is not a book review as such. This post is more about my opinion on the book and the other chain of thoughts it made me wonder about. The book was first published in 1936. Just reflect on that. Here is a book that can be termed self-help that is still valid and working for 81 years now. That caught my fantasy. The other thing that was equally appealing was Goodreads page of this book. This book has a rating of 4.22/5 from 322,000+ ratings. That blew my mind. Here is a book which 320,000 people have bothered to review and rated 4.2 on average. I mean surely it must have had a profound impact on a lot of people. But even before I got to this point, this book was recommended and was also on my to-read list. I picked it up to read without hesitation.
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April 20

Code Geass

CODE GEASS is what i watched last. It is among the few anime i have watched,  being selective as i am a Science Fiction or Fantasy addict. It comprised of 2 seasons of 25 episodes each. It took me about 2-3 days to complete the journey of 50 episodes. And to sum it up in a single word Unbelievable.The whole anime was by far the best one i have watched and heard about. It was like a addiction i could not stop. Each episode let to something even better and new.

And then, when it finally ended, I was a broken man. It felt like that feeling of loss, of losing something you cannot ever get back. For this is the end, and there’s no way to go from here. The most touching reason was how it ended. It ended in a tragic ending, yet the good one. It’s the kind of ending you see very rarely and that too in anime. In movies, its always feel good till and after the end.

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April 3

The God of Small Things

The last book i read was The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy.
Obviously it was a very acclaimed book, and winner of Booker Prize too. So there were infact a lot of expectations leading up to the book. Like perhaps it would be highly addictive, or amazing story, or something good.

But somehow, for me, the book turned out to fall way short of the hype that was around it. There were perhaps 2 major reasons why this happened . The first one was the content of the book. The story in parts was well written and captivating, but such parts very rare and random in the book. And for me almost half the book was skippable. In the sense, that if some incident occurs then 2-3 pages are spent in some totally random unconnected things, which even if you skip, you can understand what is going on correctly.

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