January 13

Fear of missing out (FOMO)

Fear of missing out is defined on Wikipedia as “a pervasive apprehension that others might be having rewarding experiences from which one is absent”. This social anxiety is characterized by “a desire to stay continually connected with what others are doing”.

Before I started writing this blog I thought it was just a cultural term that’s become popular but on reading a bit more about it, I realized that is an actual social anxiety and can become a serious threat to psychological stability of people.
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December 11

10 years of blogging

I happened to be looking at my blog’s history and I suddenly realized that I actually first posted on this blog site on 14-Mar-2009. It was of course, a stupid Hello World blog. If you do not know what that means, Hello world is the first thing you do with any software essentially. It’s a technical person’s way of starting a project much like how religious people start something with a prayer. However my journey into writing started much earlier. Before I had this blog I had another one on blogspot.com. I started that in 2007 and even before that I started writing journal entries. My first recorded entry (that I still have for reference) is from Nov-2003.

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March 13

Thoughts about time (ideas while meditating)

As I mentioned in some of my blogs from January, I started meditating this year. I had started to not like myself because I was always ready to snap. I had long thought of myself as a cool and composed person but that had started becoming more of a fictional character. So I turned to meditation to channel some of these energies.

Meditation is a fun activity when you don’t rush it or force it. I started meditating regularly and most days tried to do it in a part of my day where I wasn’t time pressed. Once I started to clear my head of the everyday thoughts about work, traffic, food, money, TV, technology etc I got a little more mental room to follow some of the other thoughts that would pop up. Earlier I would have run out of time or energy to even consider such thoughts but I felt more upbeat after starting to meditate.
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April 23

The Cycle of Things

Life seems so erratic. It seems like there is a routine. An order, a cycle in things, in almost each way nature manifests itself. The same is with life. We love routine (most of us). We feel comfortable settling into a routine. The same way there is a cycle. A cycle of emotions, a cycle of mood, a cycle of give and take.

The cycle of mood, what’s it about I wonder? I take it to describe myself. There are usually 2 phases in it. The ‘Outgoing’ phase and the ‘Quiet’ phase. They dont exactly fit the literal meaning of the words. In the quiet phase for example, you may talk a lot at times. But inside you feel alone; quiet, not willing to reach out to anyone or anything for support. You are a rebel, and are tired with the wrongs of the world, not wanting to become a part of this routine, just want everything to be silent. There is a lingering sense of pain too. It’s as if, you suffer, and choose to. Because only through this silence, do I understand and prepare for the next phase.

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