December 24

What is the opposite of bliss?

This blog, like many other blogs I have written in my life, was triggered by a book I am reading. The book I am reading right now is called Krishna: The man and his philosophy by Osho. I don’t believe in religion for sure and was a little skeptical about reading this. But it came up in a conversation with a friend and I liked what he was talking about. I decided to read it and one of the lines that struck me from the book was The word bliss is without an opposite. And I asked myself, what is the opposite of bliss? I couldn’t find an answer. We talk of most feelings in pair: love-hate, joy-sorrow, pleasure-pain but bliss is just bliss.

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December 11

10 years of blogging

I happened to be looking at my blog’s history and I suddenly realized that I actually first posted on this blog site on 14-Mar-2009. It was of course, a stupid Hello World blog. If you do not know what that means, Hello world is the first thing you do with any software essentially. It’s a technical person’s way of starting a project much like how religious people start something with a prayer. However my journey into writing started much earlier. Before I had this blog I had another one on I started that in 2007 and even before that I started writing journal entries. My first recorded entry (that I still have for reference) is from Nov-2003.

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October 23


Black is my favourite color. At least it is right at this moment. Like almost evertyhing about being time dependent, the choices are the same too. This moment i may be so in love with Black and yet the next i would want blue. Its just funny.

Not only is it about time, but it is also situation dependent. When i am video-chatting with someone i would really not want much of black in the frame, like more light. And yet the same black looks awesome at a pub, the dark shades hanging around.
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April 23

The Cycle of Things

Life seems so erratic. It seems like there is a routine. An order, a cycle in things, in almost each way nature manifests itself. The same is with life. We love routine (most of us). We feel comfortable settling into a routine. The same way there is a cycle. A cycle of emotions, a cycle of mood, a cycle of give and take.

The cycle of mood, what’s it about I wonder? I take it to describe myself. There are usually 2 phases in it. The ‘Outgoing’ phase and the ‘Quiet’ phase. They dont exactly fit the literal meaning of the words. In the quiet phase for example, you may talk a lot at times. But inside you feel alone; quiet, not willing to reach out to anyone or anything for support. You are a rebel, and are tired with the wrongs of the world, not wanting to become a part of this routine, just want everything to be silent. There is a lingering sense of pain too. It’s as if, you suffer, and choose to. Because only through this silence, do I understand and prepare for the next phase.

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September 12

Island : An interesting Society

Something about the way things are around me, seems to nag me always. Society as i see it, seems so imperfect. Its hard to believe it exists. I write about it frequently. But mostly i used to point out the issues. I did not have an answer. I still do not have an answer on how to take society to a better point, if it exists.

But lately i have an answer to the better society. Its not my own totally, rather inspired by a book called Island by Aldous Huxley. I seem to have a thing for his writings. They are much intriguing and leaves lot to wonder on the future. So about this book. Well in this book, there exists an alternate society in a small independent state, that has restricted the interaction between its people and the outside world. Its all done without force, mind you!! Continue reading

August 15

Independent: Then why still fighting?

Today is Our Independence Day. India’s Independence Day. 62 years back, this very day, we got our independence from the British. Yet we are still not really free. We are bound by Land, by territory. I am not so well versed with the politics, and country related stuff, but still a small crazy thought floats in my mind. Its like an idea, or just an answer.

What is land without people? Land is unimportant. Land is empty by itself. Its useless. Will Pakistan fight us for Thar Desert, which is a arid piece of land? I do not know, but i dont assume so. Still we fight over parts of Kashmir with Pakistan, parts of North East with China. Is it so important? Each country stakes its claims, but in the end its the people that matter. Each country X believes, the people in the controversial regions think they belong to the country X. That is why they fight, for the people. THEN WHY NOT LET PEOPLE DECIDE. Continue reading

May 3

Take Me to That Place

I was pretty bored and my mind was totally out of sync with me. So i just wrote all random thoughts floating around in my mind.
This was what i was able to get. It is a result of spontaneity, rather than want of perfection.

Inspire me, Enlighten me
Take me to that place where i may see
For now there is darkness, all around
Take me to that place where i can be

A feeling or maybe just a random thought
A single letter of an entire book
A moment in ever lasting eternity
From all my memory, that single look
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