December 24

What is the opposite of bliss?

This blog, like many other blogs I have written in my life, was triggered by a book I am reading. The book I am reading right now is called Krishna: The man and his philosophy by Osho. I don’t believe in religion for sure and was a little skeptical about reading this. But it came up in a conversation with a friend and I liked what he was talking about. I decided to read it and one of the lines that struck me from the book was The word bliss is without an opposite. And I asked myself, what is the opposite of bliss? I couldn’t find an answer. We talk of most feelings in pair: love-hate, joy-sorrow, pleasure-pain but bliss is just bliss.

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October 13

Being Happy

Tonight, when the world is out
And I sit outside, on the grass
Looking at the dark lush valleys
And sounds of ruffling leaves

I think about those moments
When life as I know changed
Yes it is all too simple, all too clear
For the world, for you!
Its apparent what I do is wrong
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January 1

The Year and Decade gone by

Its another Year gone by. A new one has arrived to take the place. As always we tried to find something special, in the daily things going around us. So we really wouldn’t miss the opportunity to concentrate on the bigger decade than a year. The news has been full of Trends, Pics, and other important aspects related to the decade than the year.

We are now wondering about the next decade. Why is it that even though none of us can predict a natural disaster or a terrorist attach a day in advance, we still try to predict the outcomes of the coming decade. All around i can see, technologies to look forward to in the next decade, the rise of India over China in the next decade, an apparent global warming ( appears more like cooling right now, with the blinding cold ) disaster waiting to take place in the next decade.
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