November 5

How Safe is my city?

It’s been about 3 months since I moved to Tokyo. There are a lot of things that are very different about this city than say Delhi or Seattle for example. There are a few I don’t like but then there are quite a few that are absolutely wonderful. One of the great things about Tokyo is just how safe I feel in general. It’s a feeling that cannot be described because usually it is about lack of certain elements and environments and so our mind struggles to define the lack of something.

There are quite a few anecdote’s I had heard about Tokyo and all of them ring true somehow. You can leave your cellphone on a table at a coffee shop and that is sufficient to reserve the table (and obviously no one will take it). You can forget your cellphone or camera on a train and you will get it back within the hour. You can actually leave your cellphones on a train seat I heard to hold your seat. Continue reading

October 13

Walking down a dangerous path, with Ego

The idea of Ego and the byproducts of it have been on my mind for the last few weeks. The concept of Ego is so strongly ingrained in our lives and worlds, in each culture and society perhaps, that it is difficult to look at it objectively. But given the recent events, I felt that it is something I want to think about, explore and write about.

The ego is used to refer to the concept of Self. In most cases, I would consider ego as the separating self. Because the idea of ego is to represent the self that differentiates you from the rest. It defines the I among we. It outlines the uniqueness of each individual. It is how we define our self-worth in most cases.
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May 14

Is Marriage the end of the world?

I feel like telling a story. A story that raises questions on our society.

Once upon a time in a long far away there lived a boy. Not much is known about his past except that he was raised a rich kids with his own luxuries, his unwillingness to work and wanting much. As he grew up all around him grew distant because we all need someone to talk to and he was shy and quiet. With time he started feeling as if he is the most lonely soul in the world.

Similarly once upon a time there was a little girl who was raised like a princess. She had dreams, desires and ambitions. She loved to dress, talk, dance and meet people. Somehow as destiny rolls out life it has its own plans and this simple cheerful bubbly girl was transformed into another lonely quiet soul who felt unwanted by the series of relationships she went through. At the end of each one, she was made to feel the wrong person, the unwanted one. And so her life went on.
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