January 27

Why is everything (stocks, ETF, crypto, asset prices) going up?

Lately, everything I look at is going up. I look at stocks of tech companies in US and they are going up. I look at various stock market exchange indexes and they are going up, both in India and in US at least. Crypto-currencies are going up for the last year or so. And not just up, some of these assets are going up in a crazy fashion, doubling 10x in a year. It was becoming hard for me to even understand what I was doing and made investing even more risky.

For a long period of time, until recently, I used to believe that net result of every transaction is 0. If you are spending money, someone is earning money. So if you make money in the stock market, someone should be losing money. That is what the conventional wisdom in my head said. Continue reading

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January 13

Capitalism : A New Value System and way of Life

I watched a documentary related to Ayn Rand a couple of days back. It sort of talked about how her prophecy is coming true. So what exactly did she prophesize? Well she said that if the government starts regulating and starts becoming a socialist state, that would cause the civilization to eventually be ruined. She said that the moral code of man helping his brother at his own expense can never lead to a fruitful result. She said the moral code of “I must work harder to take care of not just me but everyone else in the society just because I am more intelligent then them” would eventually lead to a stagnant and dead world.
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