August 15

Independent: Then why still fighting?

Today is Our Independence Day. India’s Independence Day. 62 years back, this very day, we got our independence from the British. Yet we are still not really free. We are bound by Land, by territory. I am not so well versed with the politics, and country related stuff, but still a small crazy thought floats in my mind. Its like an idea, or just an answer.

What is land without people? Land is unimportant. Land is empty by itself. Its useless. Will Pakistan fight us for Thar Desert, which is a arid piece of land? I do not know, but i dont assume so. Still we fight over parts of Kashmir with Pakistan, parts of North East with China. Is it so important? Each country stakes its claims, but in the end its the people that matter. Each country X believes, the people in the controversial regions think they belong to the country X. That is why they fight, for the people. THEN WHY NOT LET PEOPLE DECIDE. Continue reading