May 24

Journey to the unknown : Thailand – Part 1

There are moments in your life when you take a decision so incredible you had never even dreamed of it. And then there are decisions that have been bubbling inside you for quite a bit and that one final moment it just appears bright and clear. I had not personally imagined doing a solo trip. After all being from a normal Indian family, I did not understand the meaning of the word solo. Nothing is solo. You always do thing with people and more people. The number of people hanging around you define your worth so solo mean worthless.

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March 20

Disinflation and Deflation : good signs or not

There is a lot of talk of disinflation and deflation these days. But what do we mean by it all. Imagine a car moving at 100 mph . Suddenly it slows down to 20 mph almost in a very short period. That is disinflation. Imagine now that this car slows even further, going into reverse in another short interval. That is deflation.
Only the car is economy and speed is the inflation rates.

Does that mean that if inflation, which after all is a measure of expensiveness, goes down it will be good for consumers. Appears so on the surface, but in the current scenario it is not so. It rather shows that there is no demand or desire among consumers to buy. Less people buy, less economic activity, less growth. Hence a moderate inflation rate is considered to be good for economy.

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