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First Reactions: Life in Tokyo

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I have been here almost 2 weeks and there are things I see / experience here that sometimes delight me and at other times flummoxes me! The very first thing that hits you is the size of apartments. When we entered our company provided accommodation, we were at a loss initially on how small a … Continue reading First Reactions: Life in Tokyo

Why Tokyo?

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Why Tokyo? This exact line has been the response of me telling people I am leaving Amazon and moving to Tokyo. It has been a very interesting question because no one asked me why Seattle when I left Bangalore. In fact I have been pondering over this quite a bit and I don’t think I … Continue reading Why Tokyo?

Go Gokarna

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Gokarna is almost a unknown twin of Goa. It’s a small religious town in Karnataka, located right on the beach and just below the state of Goa. My trip started off from Bangalore. There are quite a few different types of buses to go from Bangalore to Gokarna. I think there are trains from Bangalore … Continue reading Go Gokarna

I was wondering about the new India rising up. We are all rising up. Up up and Up. Up against what i wonder? Somebody whispered its up against corruption? The one word that has become the motto of every man, woman and child in India. We all wont corruption to end like it is Ravana … Continue reading Anti Corruption and Anti Lokpal : A perspective of a indifferent guy

North East India

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North East India. Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind geographically is Kolkata or Assam / Guwahati. To some more travelled people, it might include Shillong or Gangtok. And that is what we refer to as North East. Imagining North East, what we end up thinking of are people called chinkis, which is used … Continue reading North East India