February 25

Being strong by being Quiet

Every book is an insight into someone’s soul, a lifetime of discovery condensed into an easily digestible format. Yet not all books are created equal. Most books touch you but very few can be termed as profound. One such profound book that I read recently was Quiet: The power of introverts by Susan Cain. It touched something inside me and turned a life knob or something. I see the world very differently after having read this book.

Take a moment and imagine some of the things we do every day: speak up, speak out, push back, write about achievements, advertise our work, evangelize things we believe one. There is a common thread that binds all these behaviors: they are all extrovert behaviors to a certain degree.
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October 31

Encounter with a cold: perspectives

Recently i had a bout of illness. The usual cold and cough, that affects 11/10 people i guess 😉 . But this one was special in its duration, and the kind of thoughts it inspired in me. I was in the usual eat-sleep-eat routine, but i did get some time to think on the whole thing. Specially because i decided to postpone any work and study to after i recover.

So about the duration it lasted for about 10 days, more than the usual 2-3 day affair. But what i felt during this time was quite interesting. In the initial phase, the first day specially, i just prayed for it to end. Because i had such a terrible cold, i couldn’t even walk without sneezing. I waited patiently for 2-3 days, for it to end. And when it did not, i grew worried why it isn’t going away. Do i have swine flu? Is it sinus? Am i suffering from some new flu? How can i be wasting my time? Continue reading