November 24

What i learned from How to win friends and influence people.

Before I decided to read this book, I used to laugh at the title and I probably looked down on people who might have read it. I mean who needs to read a book to win friends? What kind of loser would that person be? Well, here I am, one of such Losers. In hindsight, the title of the book is unfortunate but catchy. Maybe had it not been titled such, it would not have sold as much or stood out among people the way it did.

This is not a book review as such. This post is more about my opinion on the book and the other chain of thoughts it made me wonder about. The book was first published in 1936. Just reflect on that. Here is a book that can be termed self-help that is still valid and working for 81 years now. That caught my fantasy. The other thing that was equally appealing was Goodreads page of this book. This book has a rating of 4.22/5 from 322,000+ ratings. That blew my mind. Here is a book which 320,000 people have bothered to review and rated 4.2 on average. I mean surely it must have had a profound impact on a lot of people. But even before I got to this point, this book was recommended and was also on my to-read list. I picked it up to read without hesitation.
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May 14

Is Marriage the end of the world?

I feel like telling a story. A story that raises questions on our society.

Once upon a time in a long far away there lived a boy. Not much is known about his past except that he was raised a rich kids with his own luxuries, his unwillingness to work and wanting much. As he grew up all around him grew distant because we all need someone to talk to and he was shy and quiet. With time he started feeling as if he is the most lonely soul in the world.

Similarly once upon a time there was a little girl who was raised like a princess. She had dreams, desires and ambitions. She loved to dress, talk, dance and meet people. Somehow as destiny rolls out life it has its own plans and this simple cheerful bubbly girl was transformed into another lonely quiet soul who felt unwanted by the series of relationships she went through. At the end of each one, she was made to feel the wrong person, the unwanted one. And so her life went on.
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