January 13

Fear of missing out (FOMO)

Fear of missing out is defined on Wikipedia as “a pervasive apprehension that others might be having rewarding experiences from which one is absent”. This social anxiety is characterized by “a desire to stay continually connected with what others are doing”.

Before I started writing this blog I thought it was just a cultural term that’s become popular but on reading a bit more about it, I realized that is an actual social anxiety and can become a serious threat to psychological stability of people.
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April 4

MDI: Interview experiences

Well giving an interview, when you know it could be the most important one for you, sure is tough. To add to it, having the last interview is even weirder. You are surrounded by sea of emotions. So was the case with me, the last interview and quite an important one too (if not the most important yet). There were 2 people a Lady Prof (LP) and Male Prof (MP), and of course me.

I entered the room, and was asked to sit down. Said the thanks, and sat down.

MP: So how are you feeling? How are you feeling about having the last interview?
Me: Obviously it increases anxiety. People come out and give you so many opinions, insights etc. You get anxious what’s going to happen every moment.
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