November 5

How Safe is my city?

It’s been about 3 months since I moved to Tokyo. There are a lot of things that are very different about this city than say Delhi or Seattle for example. There are a few I don’t like but then there are quite a few that are absolutely wonderful. One of the great things about Tokyo is just how safe I feel in general. It’s a feeling that cannot be described because usually it is about lack of certain elements and environments and so our mind struggles to define the lack of something.

There are quite a few anecdote’s I had heard about Tokyo and all of them ring true somehow. You can leave your cellphone on a table at a coffee shop and that is sufficient to reserve the table (and obviously no one will take it). You can forget your cellphone or camera on a train and you will get it back within the hour. You can actually leave your cellphones on a train seat I heard to hold your seat. Continue reading

March 29

Crime and Punishment

Crime is a universal phenomena. Amazingly, it is among the very few things common throughout our history. Even languages were different in history, but crime has remained a benchmark.

Perhaps one of the thing that has changed since ancient times, is what we define as crime. Or specifically the acts which we may term as crime. To call sun as the centre of our solar system was a crime a few hundred years ago. Even thinking certain things could make you a criminal not so long ago. I dont want to talk of crime in general, but in perspective with one criminal act. Killing.

Killing has been regarded a crime since time beginning ( or mankind’s time beginning ). I recently happened to read a book called CRIME and PUNISHMENT by Fyodor Dostovesky. Continue reading

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