April 26

Stories — Hitomi

One of the most memorable part of watching Code Geass was this song. It just so happened that when the first season finished, I had a tune in my head of this song. But i could not point out where i heard it in all 25 episodes, and nor did i know the name of the song. So i like searched for it for 3 hours from 12-3 am until i finally found somewhere to listen it. I found out the name STORIES by HITOMI . Since this song, i have become a huge fan of Hitomi, and there is something about this music that takes me apart. Since then another 2 songs that have become my favorites are Masquerade from Code Geass, and Planetes ( from some other anime ).

I found the music of Planetes in a Youtube video, which had this song playing with the video of last 5 minutes of Code Geass R2. Suited so well, i thought it was from OST, but after much searching i did not find it. That’s when i looked elsewhere and finally found it to be from some other anime. You can check them out below:

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April 20

Code Geass

CODE GEASS is what i watched last. It is among the few anime i have watched,Β  being selective as i am a Science Fiction or Fantasy addict. It comprised of 2 seasons of 25 episodes each. It took me about 2-3 days to complete the journey of 50 episodes. And to sum it up in a single word Unbelievable.The whole anime was by far the best one i have watched and heard about. It was like a addiction i could not stop. Each episode let to something even better and new.

And then, when it finally ended, I was a broken man. It felt like that feeling of loss, of losing something you cannot ever get back. For this is the end, and there’s no way to go from here. The most touching reason was how it ended. It ended in a tragic ending, yet the good one. It’s the kind of ending you see very rarely and that too in anime. In movies, its always feel good till and after the end.

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