April 4

MDI: Interview experiences

Well giving an interview, when you know it could be the most important one for you, sure is tough. To add to it, having the last interview is even weirder. You are surrounded by sea of emotions. So was the case with me, the last interview and quite an important one too (if not the most important yet). There were 2 people a Lady Prof (LP) and Male Prof (MP), and of course me.

I entered the room, and was asked to sit down. Said the thanks, and sat down.

MP: So how are you feeling? How are you feeling about having the last interview?
Me: Obviously it increases anxiety. People come out and give you so many opinions, insights etc. You get anxious what’s going to happen every moment.
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March 5

CAT 2009: The Pain continues…

Well its been a really amazing few days. I was out for a trip, and the CAT results, after being delayed for 2 months or so finally came up. I really was unsure of what to expect. I was scared of results being unfair. And everything about CAT that has scared me, comes true. This has truly been the Indian Institute of Mis-Management’s (IIMs) biggest blunder ever, supported fully by Prometric.

Right from buying the CAT voucher by going to a bank. ( This should have been online rather ). Then the totally crazy website to fill up your data, designed by people who have previously never designed a single HTML page i guess. The whole madness of buying new vouchers, filling up data, messing it up, new voucher and so on. Then the form filling got extended to cover up the madness. This was the starting signs of what is to come. Then the exam days turned disastrous. Papers canceling, Technical Glitches, Cheating, Computer shutdowns and hangs. Everything that could go wrong with CAT did.
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