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The Need for compassion

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We live in troubled times. Maybe not all of us but most of us can sense the growing distrust among people. It may be Europe which has been devastated by multiple attacks recently or the war ravaged middle east. And more recently the feeling of distrust has been growing here at home in USA. I … Continue reading The Need for compassion

Chaos & Quantum Entanglement

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The last time I took a lesson in physics was probably way back in 2006 or 2007. It’s been almost a decade yet I consider myself an astrophysics enthusiast. There are various facets of physics that I really love. Every time I think about them I feel like I understand people and the world a … Continue reading Chaos & Quantum Entanglement

The Death of Reason

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Is climate change real? Is the world round? Did holocaust really happen? Did we evolve over millions of years? How do you make sense of this? Who came up with these numbers? Have you seen this with your eyes? How can you explain this opposing evidence?