June 28

Journey to the unknown : Thailand : From one city to another

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Day 8 in Thailand and I was back at the starting point Bangkok. I had taken the overnight train from Nakhon si Thammarat and I believe the fare was around 800 THB for the AC Sleeper train. I had debated between where to go next during the night and the choice was difficult to make. Should I go to Ayutthaya or Sukhothai? Both were beautiful relics of the Thai past and both had enough written about them. However finally I decided to go to Sukhothai which was a more recent kingdom but brutally plundered. The city of Ayutthaya reminded me a bit of the Indian city Ayodhya and hence I kind of decided to skip the same. I reached around 8.30AM though the scheduled arrival was 6.30AM. Its not just Indian railways that is late 😉

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June 20

Journey to the unknown : Thailand – Part 4

To read from the start check out : Part1 , Part2 , Part3

The mindless wandering was going on and I had been in Thailand about 5 days now. Things had started to become normal. I had started to be less anxious and I was in some part of the southern Thailand called Nakhon si Thammarat. A city where I couldnt find a hotel in Expedia. I woke up early mostly. The day seemed more beautiful that way. This guest house I was staying at seemed wonderful with its little green oasis. I got down to grab the free coffee. Who doesnt love a free coffee in the morning? It was an instant coffee that you made yourself. But still the wooden furniture and green surroundings and a cool breeze just made things seem beautiful. It felt wonderful just to be sitting there with no plan in the world and just feeling joyous.
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June 7

Journey to the unknown : Thailand – Part 3

To read from the start check out : Part1, Part2

I woke up late and panicked. Where was I? It took me a few seconds to get my bearings right. Oh yes! I was in Thailand, in Koh Samui and in a hotel. Once again that helplessness of being alone hit me. What am I going to do today I wondered? The sun was out and beating. I had not yet figured out a plan for the vacation and the thoughts of last night still played on. I didn’t want to go anywhere, I didn’t want to go to touristy places for sure. I just wanted to curl up and be alone in the bed. But that is not why I am here I remembered. A plan formed in my head and I decided to take it forward.
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