July 7

Cosmic Consciousness and Dark Matter

I have been thinking about Cosmic Consciousness a lot lately. I first came across the idea in its simplest form in one of the books by Isaac Asimov. The book was called Foundation’s Edge and it described a planet called Gaia . The special bit about the planet was that it was a collective consciousness. Each living thing on the planet was a part of the same consciousness and hence we could term the planet a single huge conscious entity.

Coming back to my thoughts, I looked at the human history. From living in bunches far apart and not knowing who is where, doing what even a few miles away to this moment where we can in-essence trace any living being and many non-living beings in a matter of microseconds. Information is now available to us across thousands of miles within a few seconds. Communication is the driver of our evolution. Every day technology is helping us communicate faster and better.
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