January 29


I just finished another epic book. 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami. As always with his works, I am left in a state of hangover. There is definitely something about this guy which makes me crave for his books. In itself Murakami is a genre of books. If you could refer to something as Shakespearean then probably you can call his books Kafkaseque ( which of course represents his most famous work Kafka on the Shore ) .

The book is a story revolving around a limited number of characters. There is Tengo, a big 30 year old math teacher cum novelist. There is Aomame ( i love her name for some reason ), who is a fitness trainer and then there is Fuka-Eri or Eriko Fukada, a 17 year old girl who wrote a book Air Chrysalis. Somewhere in their lives the usual year of 1984 changes to a differnt time. For convenience sake its called 1Q84.
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January 5


Call it an emotion. Call it a way of life! A lot of us are here because of this. Reminds of the Delhi Police slogan : With You.For You.Always! ( I hope it was Delhi Police )

I have often come close to writing about lust but well I always got carried in emotion. Finally though I got there today. I pushed myself that no matter how hard is tries to seduce me, i would not give in to lust.

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