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I just finished another epic book. 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami. As always with his works, I am left in a state of hangover. There is definitely something about this guy which makes me crave for his books. In itself Murakami is a genre of books. If you could refer to something as Shakespearean then probably … Continue reading 2Q12


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Call it an emotion. Call it a way of life! A lot of us are here because of this. Reminds of the Delhi Police slogan : With You.For You.Always! ( I hope it was Delhi Police ) I have often come close to writing about lust but well I always got carried in emotion. Finally … Continue reading Lust

For Me

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The night is still cold I am still sitting here Shivering at time due to this sudden breeze There’s no soul in sight Its one of those dark nights Where you just sit alone And all there is that stone