November 6

Change is inevitable, Growth is optional

The last one year has been full of changes. Not just for me but the world around me. Just the magnitude of the things have increased so dramatically. From all-sweeping tsunamis to earth-shattering earthquakes, we have seen them all in the last one year. We have also see uprisings and struggles at the scale we never had before. We are witnessing change all around.

And so it is with me, who has changed too. I look at myself a year ago and there’s almost a mild mischevious grin on my face. I was just very naive maybe or just young. I have grown in this one year. I have experienced alot maybe as much as the 2nd/3rd year of college put together. You might even add the few months at Cisco and still wont be able to match the last 10 months or so.
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