April 20

The Allure of Skin

Life has funny ways of proving us wrong. I had always considered myself a intelligent person. Rather i had considered myself a knowledgeable guy. Until i went outside India. At first i was at all a loss on what to do. Things just didnt seem to fall into place. Either i googled or read the instructions to the S. Slowly i did learn and it was fun. But to be in a new culture gives you different angles to the same thoughts. And as i was sitting in the airport waiting for my departure i suddenly had a realization.

It was about the human mind. If you try to disclose something from it, the more it wants to know about it. Its not just about events and thoughts. Its also about what we see. If you try not to show it a pen, the more curious it is to see the pen. If you know about a pen, have heard about it and talked about it with your friend a million times and yet never seen it, the urge could become overwhelming.
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