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Slipping Away

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This post is dedicated to someone who changed my life. I try to hold on But the moments slip through I want to hold on But my mind is against you I am sorry for not being To walk with you For leaving you alone in the journey of life It may be easy to … Continue reading Slipping Away

The Allure of Skin

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Life has funny ways of proving us wrong. I had always considered myself a intelligent person. Rather i had considered myself a knowledgeable guy. Until i went outside India. At first i was at all a loss on what to do. Things just didnt seem to fall into place. Either i googled or read the … Continue reading The Allure of Skin

Stuck in a Different Reality

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All the words i had, vanished Somewhere along this road i walk Flowing like water at times Or stuck behind a block I can hear the thunder and the waves Something seems to be closing in I struggle hard to remain outside But finally it engulfs me