December 7

Missing Something

Its almost 2pm, just about the middle of a normal work day for most. Yet for some days now, this is a very dangerous time for me. Its almost around this time that i start going into a indescribable state of mind. There is no way i can think of work. Its just a matter of passing time till the evening, and i start back home.

Its about 4 months since i have started working. The experience has been a mixed bag. There has been times of fun, and yet times of extreme pressure. I have tasted both the flavors. But it isn’t really what i want perhaps. I started the job with the idea that thing will be boring, but i will manage. Initially there was some excitement, so much to learn, the boring trainings. But i got through all of them okay. But now that i have settled into daily routine of job, i cant find peace.
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