August 31

Probability and Silly Things in Love

Written at 2am one sleepless night!

I dont know what i am writing and why. Its just that my mind has been hyperactive lately. So coming to the point, to my beloved topic, LOVE. I mean frankly i do not know how things work. Its like on the first impression, there are only 2 variables that a girl might come to know. Looks and Bank Balance. I am not sure how i look, and the second one is also questionable.
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August 17

New Job, New City, New Home

Its a new start once again. I have come a long way from where i thought i would be in middle of August. To think of it, i would not have dreamed remotely of being here and now 6 months back. But that is why i believe in Destiny. An analogy of Destiny that comes to mind is Air. It is omnipresent, and yet we don’t really feel it. Its only when it becomes turbulent that we realise that destiny can blow us to any path it wants.
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August 4


Sometimes you just want to be alone
more alone than one could imagine
close your eyes
feel the darkness engulfing you

and you stumble into someone
unknown and unexpected
as willing to be alone as you
and yet wanting to talk
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