June 24

Split second decisions: MBA or Job

Are you kidding me?” This is the reaction to the events of past few days. I dont really know, what i have done. I needed to make a decision, and i had made it over the past 2 months. And yet at the last moment, i changed it. In just a split second. All through June i had been thinking, should i go for MBA at MDI Gurgaon, or go for a job.

The thing was before coming here, even till a day before, i was to join, i had decided in favour of MDI. The logic was that even after such a CAT fiasco, i had got admission to MBA. It wasnt the best college for finance, but i could make a compromise, and work hard, and get into finance and move up from there. And i would not have to spend time here and there, looking for a financial job off campus. But somehow, the decision was still hard and uneasy.

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