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The debate on Prostitution

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Prostitution is one of the oldest of the professions. Even when there were no Bankers, Engineers, Lawyers, there were prostitutes. Though they were not called so at that time, and in a certain sense it wasn’t a derogatory profession. They were respected and even considered an incarnation of certain goddesses. In current times, however, with … Continue reading The debate on Prostitution

Journey to Tawang : part 2

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And I felt fresh the next morning (1st march ). At 7am when I woke up, it was bright sunshine. At 8am, it had started raining. We next went to the Tawang monastery, which does not really appear so big. There is a cultural school. Further inside is the main monastery, with a beautiful Buddha … Continue reading Journey to Tawang : part 2

Journey To Tawang: part 1

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It’s like a hidden jewel, nestled deep amongst mountains. Tawang. Home to the 2nd largest monastery. For anyone here at IITG, a trip to Tawang is a must in the 4 years he/she spends here. It’s like a pilgrimage. And recently I happened to be one of the pilgrims :P. A short trip to Tawang … Continue reading Journey To Tawang: part 1