February 25

Purpose Driven Life

I like to read books. And i have some expectations from most that i do read. That might be because i spend 15 minutes or more in finding the right book to buy or read from the library. So when i decided to read a book , that has sold 25 million copies, and cost me a decent amount too, I did have high expectations. The name of the book was The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren .

It took me some time to go through some part of it. But well after reading, or rather just skimming through it, i found out nothing that i actually had started out to find. The book has a subtitle What on earth am i here for? This book is all about Christianity, rather than Metaphysics and how everything is related to God, Bible and Christ. I mean why is everything being looked at from just one stiff angle. Weird?
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February 17

Good People and Bad People

Sometimes the thought drives me crazy, “Why do bad people have good things happening to them? Why can they be so happy? Why can everyone like them? And the good ones get lost in the background or have bad things happening to them”

At a later day, i know, i would realise that everything that did happen was for my eventual good. That it was a lesson i had to learn, before moving any further in life. That there is someone up there watching over me, caring for me. But then the whole hopeless-ness and unfairness at this precise moment tears me to pieces.

I pray for justice, and hope!

February 14

Valentine’s Day

Well It is VALENTINE’S DAY. Day of Love. Day for Love. Lol, and yet for me, it has been just another day all my life. So what? No Love. Who cares? Its not such a big deal.

What’s love got to do with life. Do I need to love? Or Do i need a day to love, for that matter? When it is there, you feel it every passing moment. Feel it flowing through energy. Or Do we?
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