January 31


This one was the best one i had written, when i did write this. It had just flowed at that time. I was in Kota ( class 11th) and had had a significant accident due to ANGER. End of 2004 or Early 2005 maybe.

There’s more to life , than just sitting there
Dreaming of something , but getting nowhere

Yes I need my life, yeah I need you too
I lay on the bed , stare at the walls but think of just u
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January 25

Dreams of a Gravity Bong

<This is purely a work of fiction, and bears no resemblance to any person dead or alive.>

It was a bad day. Everything seemed to be screwed up. I was in one of those crazy moods, wanting to do something crazy. But what could be done, i wondered, that i have not done before? Fortunately i found one. Gravity Bong. Its a classic way of smoking tobacco, or weed etc. And it has a certain impact too. So i took not 1 or 2, but 3 shots ( or whatever you may call it ). The first 2 were light ones, but the 3rd was a full impact thing.

At first nothing changed. Then slowly, things started slowing down. I can compare it to a movie playing, at a much slower frame rate. Initially i could hear, and see, and process them instantaneously. Slowly i could see with pauses. The audio processing also slowed, and sometimes i missed scenes or voices, or both. Initially calm, but with this rate of slowing increasing, i panicked. I tried to have some water. Then i felt i would die. I was calling out for a doctor. It felt, that if i closed my eyes, i would pass out. Out of this world almost.
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January 24

God and Quantum Physics

Its as if a light appeared, just as the darkness seemed to descend. That’s how it feels after reading this book recently. God is not Dead by Amit Goswami. The central theme is God, and Quantum Physics. Doesn’t seem related, right? Well it is and isn’t in a sense.

The reality is that materialism ( love for something physical ), and spiritualism ( love for something beyond matter ) appear to be 2 sides of the same coin. Two opposites that dont seem to meet. It was the same for me. I was split in 2 parts and both had the 2 extremes. One that wanted to go and meditate in Himalayas. The other wanting to be the owner of the biggest corporation in the world. This fight always continued, and sometimes left me exhausted. How do i fit both of them in my life, to create a perfect harmony?

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January 1

The Year and Decade gone by

Its another Year gone by. A new one has arrived to take the place. As always we tried to find something special, in the daily things going around us. So we really wouldn’t miss the opportunity to concentrate on the bigger decade than a year. The news has been full of Trends, Pics, and other important aspects related to the decade than the year.

We are now wondering about the next decade. Why is it that even though none of us can predict a natural disaster or a terrorist attach a day in advance, we still try to predict the outcomes of the coming decade. All around i can see, technologies to look forward to in the next decade, the rise of India over China in the next decade, an apparent global warming ( appears more like cooling right now, with the blinding cold ) disaster waiting to take place in the next decade.
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