December 27


Perfection cant be defined. It cant be understood. It cant be achieved possibly, was what i thought. You only have a sense of it. An inkling that this might be it. The Perfect Thing. The Perfect One. And all your life you keep on waiting for it. Until you give up, and settle for something close.

The story is the same for me. All my life, i have waited for perfection. I never found anything, or anyone. And even if i did, there was always something missing. I mean, i might have wanted a lot. Almost impossible to find. But yet in my heart i had this feeling, that i will find it one day.
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December 13

The Last Few Days

Its funny to have a life full of ups and down. It can be traumatic too. And the twists and turns, the play of destiny, the factor of LUCK all play their part. Just wanted to rethink my experience. So started writing about it. The priority list for me was CAT, placements, and passing.

I had registered to take CAT on 29th Nov. But then that sudden feeling at the last moment of giving the exam in the morning slot. I had decided to take it on 30th. I got it changed, which changed my test site code. That was in September. As luck would have it, one of the companies i was interested in appearing was Future First. And it would be taking its written on the eve of my CAT exam ( 29th/nov evening ) . I choose to focus on CAT and not appear for the test. My CAT as this new test site got canceled. So i lost the CAT and the company, which was quite frustrating.
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