November 23

BTP presentation

Before it even started, it felt like a scary night. It was the not the first time i would be facing this person Mr.X, but then i shiver thinking of him. Today was the day of my BTP presentation. The BEE TEE PEE or the Bachelor Thesis Project. Yeah we are all Bachelors, but then does this warrant a thesis?

Anyhow so i was working under my guide Mr.Y . He seemed to me as a genuine person, and i banked on him to help me out of the issue. I had worked decently, and i had showed him my report too. So before me there was another guy giving a presentation. And he had it coming his way, as he had copied everything. X gave it to him, and gave it hard. Y joined in. They almost called the security. X was shaking with anger. Y had said get lost.
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November 5

Staring out of my classroom

I wrote this one, partly in a class, and rest some days later.

I sit here absorbed and immersed
With nothing to look, except the window outside
Watching the buildings so heavenly white
Dotted with some greenish sights

I want to look at something apart
Yet i struggle to move my eyes
Do i admire, or am i just leching?
The answer flickers, but slowly dies

I turn my eyes, and continue to stare
But the buildings and greens are out of my sight
The beautiful hair, the perfect eyes
The black specs, and face so white
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