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BTP presentation

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Before it even started, it felt like a scary night. It was the not the first time i would be facing this person Mr.X, but then i shiver thinking of him. Today was the day of my BTP presentation. The BEE TEE PEE or the Bachelor Thesis Project. Yeah we are all Bachelors, but then … Continue reading BTP presentation

A New Friend

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Sometimes, desires overcome me I just want to hold you tight Caress your hair, look into your eyes Come morning sun or Depth of night Why am i left always wanting without any friends or foes Why do i exist , struggle through a life When end is certain only god knows

Staring out of my classroom

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I wrote this one, partly in a class, and rest some days later. I sit here absorbed and immersed With nothing to look, except the window outside Watching the buildings so heavenly white Dotted with some greenish sights I want to look at something apart Yet i struggle to move my eyes Do i admire, … Continue reading Staring out of my classroom